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Stoney River


Horse Ranch

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

- Proverbs 29:18


We seek to restore vision to those who have lost vision and to impart vision to those who may appear to have never had any.

As boys and girls grow to become men and women, a few arrive at that point without any vision of hope for the future. They see no hope for achieving a lifestyle that will bring them joy or fulfillment. Many lack any moral or spiritual education. As such they fall into lives of criminal activity, drug and alcohol abuse, and despair. They become bound, enslaved to a worldly system that is unforgiving and unloving toward them.

Freedom ranch was a place where God’s love was allowed to abound even to those who felt unworthy to be loved. Our mission to plant seeds, and visions of possibilities that didn't seem possible before changed lives.

To men and women who have been introduced to Christ, we strived to make the words of Jesus, “I have come that they might have life, and that they had it and will continue to have it more abundantly.” a reality. We have wrestled away hurting individuals from Satan to whom he has come as a thief, “for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” to firmly establish them in sound doctrine.

In practical application, we have assisted in providing clean wholesome living conditions, nourishing meals, transportation, training for both work and living, and tools for work, spiritual growth, and family life. We encouraged each person to rise up as an eagle, break the shackles Satan has placed on their lives, and enjoy the freedom, joy and vision that only a life with Christ in the center and filled with the Holy Spirit can bring.


Here in the United States we have become a disposable throwaway society. Things that have function and use, we retain, maintain, utilize and even cherish. However, if anything ceases to function well, we tend to replace, discard and throw it away. This may be economically effective when we consider time and money. However, when we consider the depletion and waste of resources, the long-term effects may be extremely costly. This is especially true concerning people. Freedom Ranch Ministries is concerned with reclaiming the lives of people. In the State of Texas as in every other state, thousands of men and women every year fall prey to severe depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and criminal activity.

Many through their youth have never been presented with any plan for successful living. They appear to almost naturally turn to the use and sale of illegal drugs and other criminal activity. They see that as the only way to obtain the things they think will make them happy and content. They have not been given the analytical tools or spiritual and moral values to enable themselves to look beyond their instant self-gratification. They do not see the long-term effects on either their own lives or the lives of others. They have never developed a realistic vision for life.

Many others, even with some spiritual training have succumb to the pressures of life, poor choices, failed marriages, bad employment experiences, failure to develop realistic goals, etc. They have developed low self-esteem and see little or no hope for happiness and contentment. They have lost any vision for the future. In attempts to run from their frustration and depression, many have fallen into the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Making poor choices, many become involved in criminal activity, as they see no other way out of their situation. Others even choose the option to attempt suicide.

A Supportive Hug


Freedom Ranch Ministries is a retired ministry that was based on the belief that there is no need to throw these lives away. We still believe that for most there are also no “quick and easy fixes”. As opposed to incarceration, we believe that many need a positive, safe environment, away from the influences of former associations, a place where the spiritual, mental, physical and social parts of their lives can be brought into balance.

Freedom Ranch was that place for many. Freedom Ranch was a place set apart to restore or implant realistic Vision for the future.

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